Like all self-made men he worships his creator. Unknown

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Ego gets us in trouble.  Ego tells us that we are special and different.  We are not that special.  We are not that different.  We are creatures who need relationships with others and with a Higher Power.  Ego tells us the only relationship we need is with ourselves.  There is fear behind the ego.  Yes, an inflated ego comes from being afraid of others, of our Higher Power.  This is why our egos grew so large during our active addiction.  They were equal to our fear.

Recovery asks that we place ego and fear aside.  We are to replace them with relationships and being of service to others.  Why? For one thing, it keeps us sober.  It also pushes us to learn from others.  As we learn from others, we get closer to the truth, the home of our Higher Power.  Truth lowers fear and demands that we put aside ego.  These are aids to living.  We must remember, truth before fear, relationships before ego.


Higher Power, help keep my ego in check.  Help me to use the energy of my fear to reach out ot others, to deepen my relationship with You.  With You by my side, there is nothing to be afraid of.  I choose You instead of my ego.


Today I will watch for how my ego gets me in trouble.  I will beware of placing myself before my Higher Power.


from God Grant Me…daily meditation

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