Sobriety is a big gift box with a hundred little packages inside to unwrap. Oscar Morris

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Sobriety is its own reward and then some.  Sobriety is a condition of openness and receptivity to the treasure of life.  It is the ability to view the world through gentler glasses and hear our fellows with kinder ears.  It is the ability to see things as they really are, instead of how we’d like them to be.  It is a condition of honesty and willingness to be true to ourselves and others.

On this day we can look out the window when we get up in the morning.  No matter what we see – another building, a yard, even an air shaft – it can remind us that we’re not the same people we used to be.  We can look at this world without fear.  It won’t bite back anymore.

Sobriety is seeing the world with open eyes.  It is like seeing a daffodil as though for the first time.  It is the gift of learning how to view the world as a friendly and loving place to be.  Sobriety is crying without shame and laughing with abandon.  It is a gift that wakes us up with hope and puts us to sleep with peace.

Today let me cherish my gift of sobriety and not take it for granted.


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